In your wedding book, which gathers all your ideas and envies,
note the colours you want, the ones that best express the best your personality. Cut out some photos,
fabric samples, anything that you like and little by little the colour will be self-evident.

Dream of your wedding theme…
We will choose together shades of this colour, soft tones or dynamic tones to give THE colour
you want to your wedding, the one that will reveal your joy and that will make this day memorable.
To guide you better, here is the colour symbolism.

White is a purity and integrity symbol

White is a purity and integrity symbol. White and blue can be mixed together and create an angelic atmosphere.

mauve expresses purity

Just like white, mauve expresses purity. It is associated to humility and tolerance. In a light tone, it provides a feeling of calm.


Blue, which is the colour of the sky and the sea, is associated to stability and depth. It is also a synonym of loyalty, trust and truth.


Red is a symbol of courage, love and optimism. It symbolises passion. Because of its force, it is displayed only in small touches.


Pink is the colour of femininity, tenderness and sensibility, it has a calming nature, which passes compassion and softness.


Yellow symbolizes joy and sun. It is associated with happiness and nobility. It symbolises honour and loyalty.


Orange is a mix between energy conferred by red, and joy brought out by yellow. It is a dynamic colour, optimistic which shows a perfect balance between senses and mind.


Green is the colour of harmony, fertility, freshness and exuberance. It represents growth, nature and hope. It is one of the most appeasing colour.

Peach colour

Peach colour is a friendly colour which evokes warmth and accessibility. With some pink and gold, it adds a kind of romance touch.


Beige and coffee shades, less bright, convey the idea of good sense, reason and experience. Coffee with its natural shades, softness and subtilty, can be mixed with almost any colours.

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